WUILLAMIER Anne-Lise - The Baroque Feast :: 2018 - Saint-Vit (France) - Back to the trees


Photo by Christophe Monterlos

The Baroque Feast

Lecture by Anne-Lise Wuillamier (France) and Laurent Devèze (France)

presented on 30 June 2018 at Saint-Vit (France)

What if we dared to wear drapery and pomp? Act out the ridiculous at a festively set table near a holy spring? Two characters trade in nymphs and divine woods, undines and “daemons”, as if these were “natural” words to bring up between friends at a refined supper. In the unsteady glow of the candles, as if indifferent to the world around, they respond, shouting or smiling and cheering, in this strange banquet where only those who dare to sit down are truly invited. In short, the baroque of the pleated fabrics joins the toga of the ancients. The companions of the “ISBAgora” once more propose to repeat – again and again – the extraordinary relevance of texts from two thousand five hundred year ago.

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