TIENE Vanly - The "Beste" #3 :: 2018 - Saint-Vit (France) - Back to the trees


Photo by Pierre Acobas

The Beste #3

Sculpture by Vanly Tiene (Ivory Coast)

presented from 30 June 2018 on at Saint-Vit (France)

This year, this Back to the Trees regular has joined an Ovidian tradition: the Beast which mounted the attack on the ISBA during the last JPO has evolved into another creature based on the same wood, dismantled and reassembled. Here, a child’s game joins the Metamorphosis; it is as if the wood contained all these possible figures within itself. In the magical thought, the sculptor reveals and sets free, more than he imposes exterior forms. The work piece will be an offering to the forest, and will be left at the mercy of all the natural transformations which decomposition and the seasons wish to bestow upon it.

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