PERRIN Thomas - Boat #2 :: 2018 - Saint-Vit (France) - Back to the trees


Photo by Pierre Acobas

Boat #2

Sculpture by Thomas Perrin (France)

presented on 30 June 2018 at Saint-Vit (France)

Stranded in the heart of the woods on a small rivulet deserted by all other ships, this boat calls to mind the abandoned refugee boats and the maquisards. Unless, in this very spot, the ancient world tells us its secret and Kharon, the ferryman of Hades, waits in his cruel patience for the next of us to make the crossing. In a purified form and made of improbable materials, this floating concrete is also a poetic delusion, an “invitation to travel”, especially since Back to the Trees is part of this tradition of embarkation. As Elie Faure put it: Thanks to art, other lands are in sight.

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