MIER - Autochtones :: 2017 - Saint-Genès-de-Lombaud (France) - Back to the trees


Photo by Mier


Sculptures by Mier (France)

presented on 16 September 2017 at Saint-Genès-de-Lombaud (France)

I fell into art on a windy day. Photography was my first revelation, I was certain. I discovered sculpture one day when I was bored, thanks to the bend of a well-sharpened knife, a slightly worn-out file, and a piece of abandoned wood. I have tamed mice to practise the digital arts. I have put my fingers in sockets, tested my resistance; disintegrated my circuits to make the electronics chirp. I have made brushes sing, mixed muses and colours, and in the light, revealed my shadows to themselves. All sails out: an ocean is moving!

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