IDÉEHAUT - Listening Station in Suspension :: 2018 - Saint-Vit (France) - Back to the trees


Photo by Benoît Grosjean

Listening Station in Suspension

Sound installation by Brane Project (France) and IdéeHaut (France)

presented on 30 June 2018 at Saint-Vit (France)

Suspended for an instant off the ground and outside of time, the listener is invited to a dreamlike journey to the heart of an immersive sound projection system. Several spatialised musical propositions can be enjoyed while lying on your back, head facing the leaves and ears inclined to the sky. An unusual sonorous proposition for the ear, resulting from a collaboration between treetop adventure addicts and film composers.

Musical compositions by Armando Balice, Brane Project, Loïse Bulot, Rui Emmanuel Candeias, François Dumeaux, Robert Kieffer, Nicolas Marty, Terence Meunier, Emilie Mousset, Gaëtan Parseihian and Bertrand Wolff

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