GUILLERMONT Fabien - The Weight of Shame :: 2017 - Chamblay (France) - Back to the trees


Photo © Fabien Guillermont

The Weight of Shame

Sculpture and Performance by Fabien Guillermont (France)

presented on 1st July 2017 at Chamblay (France)

Fabien Guillermont maintains a special relationship with Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the founding myths of our society. Whether he is the Minotaur or Erysichthon, in the forest the man-animal is in his element. Risking breaking his neck at any moment due to the heaviness of his antlers, he is all the more heroic for continuing his course. Without a doubt the origin of this piece is the chill of Lapland, in the confession of a young Sami, who says it originated with the dunce caps worn shamefully by ancient schoolchildren who were being punished. But isn’t the artist’s greatest strength to transform the burden of a shameful injustice into a crown of pride?

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