COLOMB Gérald - Xantos :: 2018 - Saint-Vit (France) - Back to the trees


Photo by Pierre Acobas


Sculpture by Gérald Colomb (France)

presented on 30 June 2018 at Saint-Vit (France)

The young Kouros is taken by surprise in his bath, suddenly modest and shy about his total exposure, while he thought he was alone in the fresh water… The story is familiar, replayed a hundred times in the Greco-Roman myths. The forest is the place where the imprudent young men or young gods, too confident in the thickness of the tall forests, believe they are hidden from mortal eyes. But the latter are always lurking and, hunters of old and visitors of today alike, surprise the Dianas and the Narcissuses in the candid beauty of their excessive innocence. Discover at a bend in the path a piece or an artist who thought himself out of sight, isn’t it something to recall this impiety, this furtive pleasure of the voyeur?

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