La Vieille Loye(France)Saturday 27th June 2015 - Back to the trees


From the moss to the treetops

A return to the forest, to the trees … What can this “return” mean for artists and an audience, besides the opportunity to savour a few puffs of chlorophyll? Or as the nostalgic expression of the time when Paul Valéry dreamed of cities in the countryside?
We all sense that there is more to Back to the Trees than just city-dweller entertainment. In fact, it is the forest – and particularly the Chaux Forest, without which Louis XV’s Royal Saltworks never would have been built – which expresses our origins. We hominids originated as hunter-gatherers, wandering in a world of oceans and huge forests from which we had to find our way. We invented agriculture, and cultivated livestock. We founded institutions and cities to enable transactions of the products of the two. Nothing more, nothing less.
This, therefore, is a return to our origins, mingled with a touch of modernity. Just as in the Epic of Gilgamesh, in the battle between Prince Gilgamesh and Enkidu, it will be a tie. The Lord and the Nomad, the Prince of the City and the Lord of the Savannah, the Refined and Rupestrian, the Cultivated and the Wild, both fighters and lovers, each fascinated by the other.
But the avant-garde of the 20th century – from “Monte Verita” to “Acéphale” – will not contest the importance of our bare feet on the hard ground. The ground dear to that important griot, Léopold Sédar Senghor, singing to the shadow of his Palaver Tree. The artists responding to this “call of the forest” sometimes manifest themselves as maquisards, members of the Resistance; sometimes as children in huts; sometimes as shamans; at other times as revivers of myths and legends.
From the “Blowers of the Clearing”, which presents a dozen videos on the mossy ground, to the “Crafty Forest” which leaves the literary words to the trees themselves: these are invented itineraries, learned or playful, that the audience co-creates, in the same way that each person hums their own version of a popular children’s song.
Born of friendships and encounters in the forest, Back to the Trees is the sequel to a first experience designed by Lionel Viard and Elektrophonie in 2011, with which the Besançon Institute of Fine Arts (ISBA) already had the pleasure of collaborating.
Today, Back To The Trees is made possible thanks to the involvement of institutions such as the ISBA and the Royal Saltworks, associations and arts and crafts collectives, and many individual artists: visual artists, performers, musicians, academics and storytellers. Back to the Trees promises to be a sweet Sabbath, a meeting place which would welcome both Boy Scouts and Gurdjieff, hunters and Georges Bataille, Lumberjacks and Ovid, hikers and visual artist Kendell Geers.
What a pleasure it is to invite you discover this event in which neither the scope nor the composition will be finalized until the event itself! In such circumstances, one might dare to translate the famous and frequently used Anglo-Saxon “Save the date” to: “Save your day”. Yes, save it from the clutches of routine and its dreadful predictability!
Laurent Devèze



B.L.I.P.Sound creation by Christophe Ruetsch (France)
Coal Millstone #1Demo by Carbone 14 (France)
Crafty Forest #1Literature installation by ISBA (France)
DisappearanceInstallation by Corinne Forsans (France)
Enter HereInstallation by Maison de l’Architecture de Franche-Comté (France)
Forest Environment PhotographsPhotographs of the Interdepartmental Chamber of Agriculture 25/90 (France)
GauekoConcert by Beñat Achiary (France), José Le Piez (France), Julen Achiary (France), Patricia Chatelain (France), Paxhaline Chabagno (France) and Michou Mestrot (France)
Gold TreeSculpture by Alain Goy (France)
Imaginary CreaturesSound installation by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi (France)
Inipi and Chulla ChakaShamanism by Hoka (France), Nathalie Hunt (France) and Aurélien Bertini (France)
Like a Shadow, I am kept inside the Forest which inhabits Me #2Performance by Marguerite Bobey (France) and Wen Chin Fu (Netherlands)
MagnifiersLight installation by Romuald Boissenin (France) and Guillaume de Baudreuil (France)
Oak Tree Wish #1Ceremony by Alain Goy (France)
Oak-Beech TreesLight installation by Pic et Perches (France)
Our SomewhereReadings by Poésie par Chœur (France)
Out of the White CubeInstallation by Coralie Bardey (France)
P.O.V. (Point of View)Installation by Collectif 2P2R (France)
Passage #1Land Art by the Jardins de la Saline royale team (France)
• Performance by Kendell Geers (South Africa)
phase transitionReadings by Frédéric Dumond (France)
PhilosophyLecture by Laurent Devèze (France)
Phonomaton #The ForestSound installation by Aurélien Bertini (France) and Quentin Mercier (France)
Possible Sap, Little by LittleSound creation by Gilles Malatray (France)
RewardInstallation by Arthur Babel (France)
Shhh! We don’t want to wake the sleeping Goblins and Gnomes!Exhibition by the Chaux Forest Villages Association (France)
Tales of and by Alain Goy (France)
The Beste” #1Sculpture by Vanly Tiene (Ivory Coast)
The Blowers of the Clearing #1Video installation by ISBA (France)
The Forest AboveSound installation by Boris Jollivet (France)
The Forest, a Multiplicity of MeaningsWorkshops by Claire Peseux (France), Julie Martinier (France) and Cosette Schellenbaum (France)
The Wild ChildSculpture by François Compagnon (France)
TrademarksPhotographs by Bastien Garinot (France)
TribeVideo installation by Nushy Soup (France)
We Will All Drink the Water of HeavenShow by La Méandre (France)



Elektrophonie, Saline royale d’Arc-et-Senans and ISBA
with Chaux Forest Villages Association



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