Besançon(France)Saturday 24th September 2011 - Back to the trees


“Back to the trees!”

It is with this injunction that – in Roy Lewis’s novel How I ate my father – Uncle Vania exhorts the members of his prehistoric family to spurn technological process, which he considers dangerous for humanity. More recently, it was precisely this questioning which gave rise to the desire for an event which would present artistic works of the 21st century in a “primitive” space, implicitly investigating the need to occasionally be in a remote location in order to create freely. Thirty-five French and foreign artists and collectives welcome you to their imaginary forest this evening. Although each piece gives life to an entire world, it is nevertheless your journey that will reveal the kaleidoscopic magic of the Back to the Trees time-space. So dare to lose yourself in the woods; let yourself drift at random through these multi-coloured artistic islands. The effect of surprise should add a pleasant touch to the sweetness of contemplation.
Lionel Viard



A Measurable World?Light installation by Thierry Boucton (France) and Thierry Walger (France)
ActaeonVideo installation by Arthur Babel (France)
Burial in the SkySound creation by Aurélien Bertini (France)
Concert by Justin Vali (Madagascar)
Concert by Katsura Yamauchi (Japan)
Crepuscular Forest DiscoveriesForest Discovery by Petite École dans la Forêt (France)
Genus NaturæSound and visual installation by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi (France), Roger Hofstetter (Suisse) and Patrick Percier (France)
Ghost ForestSound installation by Francisco López (Spain)
Little Wood (Dancing Star)Installation by Maxime Vernier (France)
Lost StonesInstallation by Zhong Zheng (China)
Installation by MarieCécile Casier (France)
Memorial for a white DaySound creation by Pascal Rueff (France)
Nocturnal FaunaForest Discovery by Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux de Franche-Comté (France)
PassageInstallation by Estelle Régent (France)
PongoDesign creation by Olivier Vadrot (France)
RaysSound and visual installation by Brice Jeannin (France)
ResurgenceVideo by Claire Willemann (France)
Small Drops from the Centre of the Sun
Sound creation by Marie Verry (France)
Still Light
Light installation by Adèle Grépinet (France)
The Anaconda’s Song
Shamanism by Hoka (France)
The Chase
Sound creation by Marion Chevalier (France)
The Forest inside Me has kept Me in It like a Shadow #1Sound and visual installation by Marguerite Bobey (France) and Arnaud Abbati (France)
The Island of T.Sound creation by Pascal Rueff (France), Morgane Touzé (France) and Alfred Tomosi (France)
The Music of a TreeSound installation by Rui Emmanuel Candeias (France)
The WatchmenInstallation by Anita Cassi (France)
Totem Sound performance by Etienne Bultingaire (France) and Sylvie Marceau (France)
Vertical Inside
Sound creation by Christophe Ruetsch (France)
Your hidden Sound
Sound creation by Micol Assaël (Italy)



Elektrophonie with Besançon Music Festival
and ISBA, Franche-Comté Contemporary Art Center, Strasbourg Institute of Fine Arts, Tours Angers Le Mans Institute of Fine Arts, Saline royale d’Arc-et-Senans, Rodia, Mobile Art Center and City of Besançon


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