HOKA - Medicine-Wheel #1 :: 2017 - Gingins (Switzerland) - Back to the trees


Photo by Hoka

Medicine-Wheel #1

Shamanism by Hoka (France)

presented on 24 June 2017 at Gingins (Switzerland)

Hoka invites you to understand the energy of the magic circle by learning how to construct your own Medicine-Wheel in nature.
The Medicine-Wheel teaches us about change. We need to get to know ourselves and how we function on the inside, to let ourselves change naturally. Just as the beating of a drum represents the beating of a heart, the Medicine-Wheel represents the circle that stretches from earth to the sky, and back again, with our body becoming the link. The goal is the ability to see life as a circle, and sense every creature as part of this magic circle of life. We continue to travel along this circle; each direction gives us certain strengths and responsibilities. To come to a standstill is to stop growing, and to stop seeing that each of us is connected to everyone else on the wheel.
If we walk around the magic circle, our hearts begin to open. We learn to experience life by drawing energy from the elements, the sacred ways, the animals, the plants, and everything around us.

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