GARNIER Donatien - The Integral Tree :: 2017 - Saint-Genès-de-Lombaud (France) - Back to the trees


Photo © Back to the Trees

The Integral Tree

Show by Donatien Garnier (France), José Le Piez (France) and Patricia Chatelain (France)

presented on 16 September 2017 at Saint-Genès-de-Lombaud (France)

The Integral Tree is a meditation on the tree and the network. It is a digital poem whose format is the tree structure of a website, which unfolds as the reader’s exploration progresses. In this instance, it will be read by the author. Created by José Le Piez, the Arbrasson are wood carvings that sing in response to a simple stroke of the hand on their surface. For Back to the Trees, the Arbrasson will mix their voices with those of Integral Tree read by Donatien Garnier. A work which connects the words of a tree with those of a man.

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