CHABAGNO Paxhaline - Gaueko :: 2015 - La Vieille Loye (France) - Back to the trees


Photo by Pierre Acobas


Concert by Beñat Achiary (France), José Le Piez (France), Julen Achiary (France), Patricia Chatelain (France), Paxhaline Chabagno (France) and Michou Mestrot (France)

presented on 27 June 2015 at La Vieille Loye (France)

In the nocturnal forest, inspired hands vibrate to the innermost fibres of sonic sculptures. The wood sings. A wild horse’s gallop is revived from wood beams, the Basque country’s “Txalaparta”. A music is born which brings forth a deep song in our hearts.

Video of the concert (© Moussa Ansri and Christophe Monterlos)

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