Circle of Words :: 2017 - Saint-Genès-de-Lombaud (France) - Back to the trees


Photo by José Le Piez

Circle of Words

presented on 16 September 2017 at Saint-Genès-de-Lombaud (France)

This is not a set of lectures, but an exchange of ideas that could lead to a debate. The themes “Art, Forest and Society” are addressed in a search for transversality and complementarity. Nature and Culture are abused by modernity, which privileges competition and predation over the collaborative strategies espoused by plants.

With: Cécile Croce (researcher and instructor in artistic theories and practices), Jacques Hazera (forestry expert), Eric Castex (president of the Alter’Landes Association), Catherine Thomas (ecopsychologist), J.J. Louvet (biologist), Pierre Cabrol (legal expert), Eric Chevance (the organizer of the Art Factories network), Guy Lenoir (founder of MC2A), Christian Coutzac (creator of ideas), Christophe Doucet and…you!

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