Back to the trees


Back to the Trees

A complex space, the Forest represents many different things: it is the cradle of Humankind, the “lung” of the Planet, the setting for solitary or family walks, a refuge for resistance movements, or a culturally forbidden territory.

Back to the Trees is a singular artistic event, inviting artists of all kinds to focus their creative energies on trees and the forest : musicians, visual artists, photographers, video artists, performers, dancers, poets, storytellers, woodcutters, biologists, architects, landscape artists, philosophers, and spiritual healers all come to share their poetic vision of the Forest. At nightfall, the time of day when the senses are particularly receptive, Back to the Trees consists of an unusual stroll to the heart of the forest, whose magic is revealed little by little as the promenade progresses.

From 2011 on, eleven events in France, Switzerland and Bangladesh have shown the artworks by more than 200 artists to an audience of almost 10,000 visitors. Eight new events will be held in 2019 in France, Switzerland, Kosovo, Bangladesh and Togo. All in all, a fitting development for an artistic ecosystem of this nature, which synthesizes form and content.


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